Welcome on the MamaZoeloe-site. Our foundation helps, coaches and supports African people and their voluntary organizations, particularly in Tanzania. Friends of MamaZoeloe finance the projects. As board members of the foundation, we work 2 on location with our partner the MamaZulu CBO in Sengerema. Projects succeed because of our local involvement. Our goal is to improve the living environment and lives of people and to promote development. Read more

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Local ownership! MamaZoeloe NL and MamaZulu TZ, together we are strong. With local partners we work together on life-development and life improvement of disabled and disadvantaged people in Sengerema, Tanzania, Africa.
This year we work together and share more with Play4Kids, which was founded in 2009 and celebrates their 10 years existence.

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Join us! Your donation and commitment is of great value to the people in Sengerema, Tanzania. Donating is simple: choose a project out of our PROJECTS and donate the amount that suits you. Together we contribute directly to a better life for disadvantaged people in Tanzania. We thank you and our current friends for their loyalty. Read more